Investment themes MarketScreener

An essential tool for the informed investor, these thematic lists allow you to find, in the blink of an eye, stocks exposed to a particular sector or theme, all over the world. The selections have been established by Marketscreener experts and integrated into the Stock Screener, the most advanced stock selection tool on the market. From each of these lists, you have the power to freely define 30 different financial selection criteria and to cross-reference them. You can also classify your searches by Geographic Zone, Sector, Currency, Index, Capitalization and Liquidity. Thanks to the power of the Marketscreener databases, you will be able to visualize the past performances of your selections and compare them to index trends. Marketscreener experts regularly publish new thematic lists online.


Pricing Power

Discover companies with pricing power

Companies in the arms industry
Solar energy

Brighten up your wallet
Wind energy

From wind to electricity

The movement of water in all its forms

Making the most of organic materials

At the heart of the atom

The energy of the future
The future of mobility

Towards the car of tomorrow
Smart City

Investing in the city of tomorrow
The Internet of Things

Connected objects and interoperability

Microchips are everywhere
Artificial Intelligence

Machines serving mankind

A robot is not only a machine
E-Commerce & Logistics

The main players in online commerce

At the crossroads of technology and finance

Digital advertising takes the lead

The best companies to play IT security

Dive into the heart of cryptography

The future key players of the virtual world

Jump in the water
Strategic Metals

Essential to tomorrow's industries
Gold and Silver

Add precious stock to your portfolio
Ageing Population

2.1 billion over 60 years by 2050
The Golden Age of Video Games

A booming sector
The Cannabis Industry

The emergence of a new asset class
Europe's family businesses

A Long-Term Business View

Stocks with a sustainable competitive advantage
Warren Buffett

Discover its portfolio of listed shares

Companies benefiting from an oligopolistic situation

The best companies to tackle the luxury sector
The Vegan Market

A selection of stocks exposed to the vegan market ecosystem, from farmer to distributor
In Vino Veritas

A selection of stocks exposed to the wine ecosystem, from the winegrower to marketing
Israeli innovation

Innovative companies in the Hebrew State
The genomic revolution

The science of tomorrow to treat the diseases of today

Publicly traded players in the field of biomedical research

Knowledge is power
Sin stocks

Alcohol, Gambling, Cannabis, Coal, Weapons, Pollution...
Place your bets

Bet on Casinos 2.0
US Basketball

The orange ball without limits
Let's all cycle!

The main publicly traded players in the world of cycling

Between passion and trend
Financial Data

At the heart of financial issues

The madness of SPACs
Cloud Computing

The future of data is in the Cloud

A promising niche market

Generation Y's consumption
Powerful brands

Companies with iconic brands